Politics US Army veteran: Kurds are ‘very commendable’ people

US Army veteran: Kurds are ‘very commendable’ people
John "Dr. Demo" Fasulo. (Photo: Kurdistan24)

WASHINGTON DC, United States (Kurdistan24) – A former US Army combat engineer recently praised the Kurds for their resilience.

John Fasulo, an 86-year-old former combat engineer who joined the US military in 1950, said the Kurds are “very commendable” people.

Fasulo, who served in Korea and Vietnam as an explosives specialist, revealed he first learned about the Kurds when he joined the military.

The former combat engineer, who is nicknamed “Dr. Demo” for his role in the US Army, stated the Kurds are always spoken “highly” of.

“I’ve heard all good things about them,” he said. “They are doing the same thing that we are doing—they are trying to survive.”

“I’ve never heard of anything that [has] been spoken harshly” about Kurds, he added.

Fasulo spoke to Kurdistan24 at a seminar on demining and explosive clearing in war-affected regions.

He also mentioned the Peshmerga forces and their role in combatting terrorism.

“[The Kurds] are trying to do what is right,” he concluded.


(Kurdistan24 team in Washington, DC conducted the interview)