Middle East Man murders five relatives in Kurdish village, central Turkey

Man murders five relatives in Kurdish village, central Turkey
Soldiers of the Turkish gendarmerie arrest Atilgan Komur who killed five relatives in the Bulduk village of the Kurdish town of Cihanbeyli, Konya, Central Turkey, June 12, 2017. (Photo: DHA)

ERBIL, Kurdistan Region (Kurdistan24) - A man shot dead five people during a Monday killing rampage in his village in the Kurdish town of Cihanbeyli, north of the Konya Province in central Turkey.

Atilgan Komur (27) killed his victims with a shotgun by going house to house in the Bulduk Village, starting at 6 AM with shooting Bekir Kiran (80), the moment the latter opened his house door.

Komur then proceeded to walk toward Mustafa Tokat's house, another octogenarian and killed him as well right at the door, reported privately-owned Dogan new agency (DHA) from Konya.

He later went to another house nearby. Meryem Tokat (79) and her son Hamit Tokat (51) were having breakfast when the murderer arrived. Komur shot the two to death by opening fire through their window.

Shortly after he appeared at Mehmet Tokat's (64) house where a whole family gathered for the man who was on a visit from Norway, a Scandinavian country with a large Kurdish diaspora from central Turkey.

Komur directed his weapon at Tokat and shot him to death in front of his horrified relatives, among them grandchildren.

He did not stop there, this time running toward another house; that of Mehmet's brother Harun Tokat.

But his last victim's family called Tokat and told him not to open the door, a warning that saved the man's life while his house came under fire.

By the time a unit of Turkish gendarmerie arrived at Bulduk at 7:40, a village of 17 hundred people, Komur had killed five people in four houses in less than two hours before his arrest.

Neighbors told the media that Komur, who has two siblings living in Sweden where he resided for a while, had ten days ago punctured tires on his would-be victims' vehicles.

During his interrogation by the gendarmerie, Komur said he killed the five "because they were American spies," according to the DHA.


Victims' relatives and villagers were devastated after the killing rampage that saw five slain. (Photo: DHA)

At a local hospital's entrance where he was taken for a health check, Komur laughed at reporters who asked him why he killed his relatives.

"To hell with them; they deserved it," he screamed.

An eyewitness who did not want to be named told the DHA that Komur, a livestock raiser, had threatened villagers before by promising to kill "everyone but five."

"Atilgan reads a lot, especially murder novels. He might have been affected by them. We thought he was kidding when he said he would kill everyone. It never occurred to us he would actually commit a mass killing," the eyewitness explained.


Editing by Ava Homa