Politics VIDEO: Kurdistan an important ally of the US

VIDEO: Kurdistan an important ally of the US
The flag of Kurdistan. (Photo: Archive)

WASHINGTON DC, United States (Kurdistan24) – In a recent interview, the Chairman of a United States consulting firm said Kurdistan would remain an important ally of the US after the defeat of the Islamic State (IS).

Thomas J. Campbell, the Founder and President of DC Capital Partners, LLC, spoke to Kurdistan24 about the US’ relationship with the Kurdistan Region, and the future of the region post-IS.

Campbell said it was important to look to the future of Kurdistan and Iraq after IS was defeated.

He explained the current partnerships between Kurdish and Iraqi forces was a military one and hoped it would foster into a diplomatic one after the war.

“The important thing I think right now is to start looking to the future and start looking at what happens after the partnership there between the people of Kurdistan, the other Iraqi forces, the United States and their support,” he said.

“It’s a military action right now, and I think we have to start thinking past the military action in terms of what we do past the next goal in six months,” he continued.

Campbell pointed to the different groups in the region including Kurds, Sunnis, and Shias and said the US should “embrace” the differences.

Moreover, the businessman said the region was at a point of influx where leadership was required to push forward and stabilize the area, especially Iraq and Syria.

Campbell said the focus after the defeat of IS should be on economic development and, more importantly, on the humanitarian crisis in the Middle East.


(Rahim Rashidi conducted the interview in Washington, DC)