Politics WATCH: Kurdish people deserve their own homeland

WATCH: Kurdish people deserve their own homeland
A Kurdish Peshmerga waves the flag of Kurdistan while sitting on the roof of a Humvee. (Photo: Reuters)

WASHINGTON DC, United States (Kurdistan24) – In a recent interview, an American radio host said Kurdish people “deserve” an independent nation.

Mark Levin, an American lawyer, author, and radio host of The Mark Levin Show, spoke to Kurdistan24 about the Kurds’ right of sovereignty.

Levin pointed to the years of poor treatment Kurds had endured from different oppressors and regimes.

“For too many centuries the Kurdish people have been treated very, very poorly by one regime after another and one country after another,” he said.

“The Kurdish people deserve their own home,” Levin stated.

The radio host pointed to the continued efforts of the Kurdish Peshmerga forces in their struggle to protect their land and the people of Kurdistan.

Levin said he “admired” the fighting spirit of the Kurds, especially since the emergence of the Islamic State (IS) in the region.

“I’m here in the United States and I see they fight, they want to fight for their liberty and they want to fight for their families,” he added.

Moreover, Levin urged the US to continue to hold Kurds as their closest ally in the Middle East against terrorism.

“[The Kurds] fight with the United States on our side, the United States of America, so I consider them allies, absolutely,” he told Kurdistan24.

“Kurds are wonderful people, God bless you all,” Levin concluded.

Since the emergence of IS in June 2014, the Kurdish Peshmerga have been the leading force defeating the extremist group.

On Oct. 17, Peshmerga and Iraqi forces launched the Mosul operation to retake the city, IS’ last stronghold in Iraq, from the insurgents.



(Rahim Rashidi conducted the interview in Washington, DC)