Politics US Senator: Peshmerga bring peace by defeating IS

US Senator: Peshmerga bring peace by defeating IS
A Kurdish Peshmerga stands next to the flag of Kurdistan. (Photo: Archive)

WASHINGTON DC, United States (Kurdistan24) – A United States Senator recently said the US should continue to support and provide arms to Kurds in their fight against the Islamic State (IS).

Michael Bradley Enzi, a US Senator from Wyoming and member of the Republican Party, spoke to Kurdistan24 about the efforts of the Peshmerga against IS.

“I am one of one hundred people in the United States Senate who want to [support] the continued efforts of the people of Kurdistan to defeat [IS],” Enzi stated.

The Senator explained the Kurdish Peshmerga are the US’ “main support” in the Middle East, and are successfully defeating IS insurgents.

Moreover, the Republican Party member pointed to the dual struggle of Kurds who continue to fight for sovereignty and defend their land from terrorism.

“That’s the main support we’re seeing in the Middle East, it’s from the people of Kurdistan who are working for their own freedom as well as getting rid of [IS],” Enzi told Kurdistan24.

Regarding the US’ support for Kurdistan and the Peshmerga forces, Senator Enzi said Washington should continue to back the Kurds and provide military arms as well.

“Yes, they should support Kurdistan and continue to provide arms,” Enzi stated.

“Anytime we have an ally like that, we need to be helping them,” he continued.

Additionally, the Senator gave his “encouragement” to the Peshmerga who are the main force battling IS and defeating the extremists.

“I hope the people from Kurdistan will continue to stand up and fight [IS] and work together to bring some kind of peace to that part of the world,” Enzi concluded.



(Rahim Rashidi conducted the interview in Washington, DC)