Kurdistan Peshmerga defense lines before Mosul offensive non-negotiable

Peshmerga defense lines before Mosul offensive non-negotiable
The Kurdistan Region President Masoud Barzani delivers a speech in Bashiq, southeast of the Kurdistan Region, Nov. 16, 2016. (Photo: Kurdistan24)

ERBIL, Kurdistan Region (Kurdistan24) – The Kurdistan Region President on Wednesday said the defensive lines drawn by the Kurdish Peshmerga forces are non-negotiable and there had been an agreement signed on that.

President Barzani delivered his speech in the recently liberated town of Bashiq.

“There will be no negotiations about territories liberated by Peshmerga forces before the Mosul offensive,” President Barzani affirmed.

Regarding the recently liberated areas by Peshmerga forces, the President added that “these areas will be left to locals to defend,” adding the Kurdish forces would aid “where possible.”

We will not abandon you and we will not allow anyone to attack you again,” President Barzani said, addressing the people in those areas.

Moreover, the President explained there was an agreement between the Ministry of Peshmerga and the Pentagon, and between Peshmerga and the Iraqi government.

He added the Kurdish leadership abides by the agreements, and such agreements would guarantee a secured future for the people of the liberated areas.

“This is a new chapter as the Islamic State is on the path to defeat,” President Barzani continued. “Peshmerga forces shed blood to free Kurdistan’s land and end the suffering of our people.”

“IS will remain a threat to the Kurdistan Region as long as they are present in Mosul,” he concluded.

Additionally, President Barzani reiterated independence was a natural right for the people of Kurdistan, stating Kurds would never give up on such a right under any circumstance and pressure.

“We want to achieve [Kurdistan] independence through dialogue with Baghdad,” the President explained, adding the topic was openly discussed in the last visit to Baghdad and received a positive response.

“Since we could not achieve real partnership with Baghdad, let us try becoming peaceful neighbors,” President Barzani concluded. “If we reach an agreement with Baghdad we might not need a referendum.”


Editing by Karzan Sulaivany