Middle East Spokesperson: Coalition will support SDF to cut off IS routes in Raqqa

Spokesperson: Coalition will support SDF to cut off IS routes in Raqqa
Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) launching mortar fires on the Islamic State (IS) positions. (Photo: Reuters)

ERBIL, Kurdistan Region (Kurdistan24) – The US-led coalition continues to support the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) to prevent Islamic State (IS) militants from escaping abroad from Raqqa, the coalition spokesperson said on Friday.

During a live interview with Kurdstan24, spokesperson John Dorrian said the coalition forces work with the SDF to block IS militants from fleeing outside of Syria and launching global terrorist attacks.

Dorrian noted the SDF forces had liberated 6,400 kilometers of territory near Raqqa and continue to advance with the help of the US-led coalition artillery and air strikes on IS bases.

He also stated every force should train their troops to battle the extremist group because IS’ defeat was in everyone’s interest since the group was “the [deadliest] enemy of all.”

“Our force management level is 500, and we’ve added some additional troops with the Marines that are there to conduct artillery strikes,” Dorrian revealed.

“Their presence will be temporary, but it will support the force that goes in to liberate Raqqa,” he added.

The spokesperson highlighted the importance and impact of the artillery support, claiming the military tactic had proven effective in countering IS insurgents.

He mentioned the coalition forces in the area reassured the allies and partners safety could be maintained in Manbij city.

“There is no threat to the security of the people that live in the city,” Dorrian confirmed.

The SDF, a US-backed mainly Kurdish Syrian group, retook and cleared Manbij from the extremist group in August 2016.


Editing by Karzan Sulaivany