Middle East Turkey extends state of emergency by three months

Turkey extends state of emergency by three months
Erdogan was offered extended power on Sunday after 51% voted yes to the referendum. (Photo: Getty Images)

ISTANBUL, Turkey (Kurdistan24) - On Monday, Turkey's Deputy Prime Minister Numan Kurtulmus said the state of emergency would be renewed for three more months "to provide the continuance of measures aimed at securing the rights and freedoms of citizens."

The second state of emergency which was set to expire on April 19 is renewed for the third time since July 2016 after a butchered coup attempt.

Under a state of emergency, the government can bypass parliament in enacting new decrees.

Critics believe the move further suspends rights and freedom.

In a report on Monday, Human Rights Watch said: "The cabinet’s decision to extend the state of emergency would further endanger human rights and the rule of law, which have already been badly damaged in Turkey under the state of emergency."

Since last July some 50,000 have been arrested and over 100,000 have been sacked.

The decision to renew the state of emergency was made after protestors took to the streets of Turkey to protest alleged poll violations.

In a narrow win on Sunday, it was decided to amend Turkey's constitution and grant the country's presidential office sweeping new executive powers.

Monday night at least 3,000 protesters thronged the streets of Istanbul, AFP correspondents said.

The main opposition Republican People's Party (CHP) and the pro-Kurdish Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) said they would challenge the results from most ballot boxes due to alleged violations.

'No' supporters were outraged over last minute changes to the voting procedures but the authorities insist the referendum was conducted cleanly.

"We will not make you president" and "We are shoulder to shoulder against fascism," the protesters in Kadikoy chanted, as they marched towards the offices of the Supreme Election Board.

Others brandished viral hashtag slogans from the referendum night like "The 'No' is not finished" and "'No' has won."

In Besiktas, protesters held pamphlets with the words "We are right, we will win."

Bringing back the death penalty will be at the center of public debate in the coming days. President Erdogan says he will approve it if the parliament agrees to it.

Smaller protests were also held in other Turkish cities and Turkish media reports said that 13 people were detained during a protest in the southern Mediterranean city of Antalya.