Kurdistan PKK affiliated group meets Iranian-backed Hezbollah Brigade

PKK affiliated group meets Iranian-backed Hezbollah Brigade
The meeting between the PKK affiliated YBS and the Iranian-backed, Hezbollah militia. (Photo: kataibhizbollah.com)

ERBIL, Kurdistan Region (Kurdistan24) –  An armed group affiliated with Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) discussed strengthening cooperation with the Iranian-backed Shia militia in Iraq on Sunday, reported Hezbollah Brigade’s website.

PKK and its affiliated armed wing in Kurdistan Region, Shingal Resistance Unit (YBS), headed by its commander Saeed Hassan and Khidhir Salih head of PKK-backed Shingal Council held a meeting in Shingal with Iranian-backed Shia militia Hezbollah Brigade.

Mustafa al-Daraji head of Public Relations at Hizbollah Brigade’s political bureau said at the meeting that the control of Shingal, southwestern Kurdistan Region, by the Peshmerga forces is part of an international conspiracy that aims to separate Shingal from Iraq.

Daraji stated that the main purpose of the Resistance [Hezbollah Brigade] is to keep the unity of Iraq and stand against the divisive plans, the Hezbollah media reported.

Daraji believes that the fall of Mosul and Shingal was a conspiracy to control the disputed areas between the Kurdistan Region and the Iraqi government, stating that the conspiracy is ongoing as it has acquired an international nature.

He added that the media is trying to give legitimacy to the presence of the Peshmerga forces and Peshmerga’s Roj Brigade Shingal, calling Roj Brigade, a Peshmerga force under the command of Ministry of Peshmerga, a group of militias coming from Syria.

Daraji reportedly said that Hezbollah Brigade would support the oppressed from all religious and ethnic groups and no border could stop them.

The YBS commander, Saeed Hassan, said, as quoted by the Hezbollah website, "The delay to deploy security forces and Hashd al-Shaabi in our area is a clear shortcoming of our rights."

The Head of PKK-backed Shignal Council, Khidhir Salih, praised the role of the "Islamic Resistance" in protecting the country against extremists.

Salih stated that they were working on building an autonomy in their areas to get rid of Kurdistan Regional Government’s (KRG) rule, the website concluded.