Kurdistan IED injures four Peshmerga in south of Kirkuk

IED injures four Peshmerga in south of Kirkuk
Kurdish Peshmerga fighters rest during fighting against Islamic State (IS) group. (Photo: AFP/Ahmed Deeb)

ERBIL, Kurdistan Region (Kurdistan24) – On Saturday, an improvised explosive device (IED) detonated on a Peshmerga military vehicle on Khurmatu – Tikrit road, south of Kirkuk province, wounded four Peshmerga.

The explosion took place in Zarga village located on Khurmatu front line; a Peshmerga commander told Kurdistan24 in the area who requested to remain anonymous in the report.

Peshmerga soldiers wanted to go to Khurmatu to goods for the troops stationed on the front line, but a bomb detonated on them while passing a road near the village.

The location where the bomb exploded is close to the Islamic State (IS) front, the commander said.

IS emerged in northern Iraq in June 2014. The group shortly expanded to other areas in the country. Since then, it has lost most of the territory it controlled and continues to shrink.

Many world officials, including the former US Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter, have labeled Peshmerga as one of the most capable ground forces fighting the extremist group.

Over 1,500 Peshmerga forces have fallen while fighting the IS and about 10,000 more been wounded, according to Peshmerga Ministry.


Editing by Delovan Barwari