Kurdistan Iranian forces attack gathering of kulbers in Kurdistan Region, killing several

Iranian forces attack gathering of kulbers in Kurdistan Region, killing several
Wounded Kulbers transferred to Qaladze hospital in Slemani Province, Kurdistan Region, April 15, 2017. (Photo: Kurdistan24)

ERBIL, Kurdistan Region (Kurdistan24) – The Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps attacked a gathering of Kulbers near the border city of Qaladze in the Kurdistan Region, killing and injuring several people.

On Saturday, Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps forces violently struck a gathering of Kulbers near Qaladze in northern Slemani province in the Kurdistan Region-Iranian Kurdistan border (Rojhilat), killing at least three people and wounding 11 others.

Najat Hassan, head of the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) branch in Qaladze confirmed that several Kulbers have been killed and wounded by the Iranian forces in a phone interview with Kurdistan24.

Hassan added the wounded people have been taken to Qaladze hospital for treatment.

"Iranian forces burnt the loads the Kulbers were carrying," he said.

Hassan also noted the troops burnt down the market that Kulbers created in Dupaz area.

Journalist Mohammed Gribdakhi, speaking to Kurdistan24 at Qaladze hospital, said the casualties were all Kurds from Rojhilat.

The Kurdish term “Kulber” consists of “Kul” meaning back and “ber” meaning carrying.

"The shootings killed three Kulbers," according to one of the wounded Kulbers currently in hospital. "11 Kulbers have disappeared and nobody knows their whereabouts."

Kulbers often lose their lives at the hands of Iranian border guards who routinely shoot them, or through the hardship of their job.

High levels of poverty and unemployment in Rojhilat often push people in the region to risk their lives to earn some money.


Editing by Gabrielle Renaud