Kurdistan Kurdistan’s Islamists hoping for unified front in upcoming election

Kurdistan’s Islamists hoping for unified front in upcoming election
The Islamic Parties in the Kurdistan Region form the first forum of Islamists, Sulaimani, Kurdistan Region, April 15, 2017. (Photo: Kurdistan24)

ERBIL, Kurdistan Region (Kurdistan24) – The Kurdistan Region’s Islamic parties on Saturday held a conference hoping to unify their message and draw a roadmap for joint efforts of the Islamists in the Region.

The three Islamic parties in the Kurdistan Region, the Islamic Union of Kurdistan (IUK), the Islamic Group of Kurdistan-Iraq, and the Islamic Movement of Kurdistan held their first forum in the city of Sulaimani.

In a joint statement, the Islamic parties highlighted a joint project to reorganize the internal affairs of the three groups.

They also discussed a project of reform to tackle corruption and injustice in the Kurdistan Region’s institutions.

The Islamic parties’ joint project is related to the work of the Islamists in Kurdistan which is an effort of unity not aimed to stand against any party, the statement read.

In a press conference, Head of the Islamic Group Ali Bapir spoke about the possibility of uniting with other Islamic Parties for the upcoming elections.

“The Islamic Group has the desire to unify with other Islamic parties, but the process needs time,” he stated.

The Leader of the Islamic Movement Erfan Abdulaziz said all those who attended the forum supported the unity of the Islamic parties to avoid fragmentation.

It is not yet clear whether all three parties will announce a coalition of Islamists in the next Kurdistan Region parliamentary elections planned for November 2017.

However, according to Omer Muhammed, an IUK representative, the party was willing to unite with other Islamists.

Muhammed told reporters the Islamic Union was ready and prepared for everything that unites Islamists, either through a united party, joint list in the elections, or forming an alliance.


Editing by Karzan Sulaivany