Middle East Car bomb in Baghdad kills 23, injures over 40 people

Car bomb in Baghdad kills 23, injures over 40 people
Destroyed cars are seen at the site of a car bomb attack in the Amil neighborhood in Baghdad, Iraq, March 20, 2017. (Photo: Reuters)

ERBIL, Kurdistan Region (Kurdistan24) – An explosion hit the Iraqi capital of Baghdad on Monday, killing at least 23 people and wounding over 40 more, according to a police source.

The explosion, which according to police was a car bomb, targeted the busy commercial neighborhood of al-Amil in Baghdad.

Following the blast, ambulances rushed to the scene and transferred the wounded people to nearby hospitals.

The Islamic State (IS) have not claimed responsibility for the violence.

However, the extremist group has carried out similar attacks in Baghdad and other cities in Iraq as they continue to lose territorial control inside Mosul.

IS controlled Mosul in June 2014 and shortly expanded to other areas in Iraq.

Iraqi forces have launched the military operation to liberate Mosul, the second-largest city in the country.

The US-led coalition and Peshmerga have assisted in the liberation of Mosul, providing air and ground support respectively.

The Iraqi troops continued to retake more territories in the western part of the city as the insurgent group loses its grip.

The offensive to liberate western Mosul has been slower compared to the eastern side of the city.

According to the Iraqi military commanders, the slow advance in the west is due to narrow neighborhoods and the several civilians who remain trapped in the area.

A UN aid recently said civilians are in “terrible danger” as Iraqi forces push toward the city center.

Moreover, a military commander in the city told Kurdistan24 IS often uses civilians as war shields in western Mosul.


Editing by Karzan Sulaivany

(Additional reporting by Mewan Dolamari)