Politics VIDEO: ‘US relations with Kurdistan solid, strong’

VIDEO: ‘US relations with Kurdistan solid, strong’
A group of Peshmerga forces stand next to a Kurdish flag at a Kirkuk front line. (Photo: Reuters)

WASHINGTON DC, United States (Kurdistan24) – Amid all the political tension and war in the Middle East, the US-Kurdish relationship remains “solid,” according to a Middle East expert.

Paul Salem, the Vice President for Policy and Research at the Middle East Institute, recently spoke to Kurdistan24 about the US’ relations with Kurdistan as well as the next American administration’s policy in the region.

Salem explained the historical relationship between the US and Kurdistan goes further than the political parties in the White House and is “solid.”

“I think the relations with Kurdistan in Iraq are very good and solid,” he told Kurdistan24.

“[The Kurdish-US bond] is a relationship that goes beyond the Republican or the Democratic Party, [it] goes beyond the White House, it’s in the Congress and public opinion as well,” the VP added.

Moreover, Salem pointed to the role of Kurds in the fight against the Islamic State (IS), particularly the Kurdish forces battling the insurgents in Syria.

The Middle East Institute VP stated the US-backed People’s Protection Units (YPG) in Syria had been effectively defeating the extremists and play an “important role” in the war.

“There is also a strong leaning toward the Kurds in Syria, they’ve played a very important role in the fight against [IS],” Salem continued.

The VP also addressed the policy of the next US administration in the Middle East and reassured the relations with Kurdistan would continue in a positive direction.

“The US-Kurdish relationship is very positive and very strong, and is not at all in jeopardy,” Salem concluded.


(Rahim Rashidi conducted the interview in Washington, DC)