Politics WATCH: ‘Kurdistan is already an autonomous state’

WATCH: ‘Kurdistan is already an autonomous state’
A Kurdish Peshmerga kisses the flag of Kurdistan. (Photo: Flickr/Kurdish Struggle)

WASHINGTON DC, United States (Kurdistan24) – A US Professor and Middle East expert recently said Kurdistan was already a free, self-governing state but needed good relations with neighbors Iraq, Iran, and Turkey before the US recognized it as such.

Daniel Serwer, a Professor of Conflict Management at the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies and scholar at the Middle East Institute, spoke to Kurdistan24 about Kurdish independence.

Serwer explained Kurdistan was already an “autonomous state within Iraq,” but it was not yet independent or sovereign.

The Professor stated although the Kurdistan Region had its parliament, government, police force, and army, its territory was still under dispute.

“Kurdistan is already a state; it’s an autonomous state within Iraq,” Serwer said. “It does have a large measure of independence.”

“Kurdistan is not sovereign partly because its territory is still in dispute,” the Professor continued.

Serwer added Kurdistan needed to foster and strengthen positive relationships with neighboring countries including Iraq, Iran, and Turkey.

He also mentioned the US would support an independent Kurdistan if it were able to have good relations with its surrounding countries.

“[Kurdistan] needs good relations not only with Baghdad but also with Tehran and Ankara in order to be a truly independent and sovereign state,” he stated.

“Only if it has good relations with those three capitals will the Americans be prepared to recognize it as a sovereign state,” Serwer added.

The Professor also pointed to the possibility of instability in the region Kurdish independence may cause if good relations weren’t achieved, mainly with Turkey and Iran.

“My fear is that Kurdistan independence would lead to even more war,” Serwer said.



(Rahim Rashidi conducted the interview in Washington, DC)