World Pence: North Korea should not test Trump’s ‘resolve’

Pence: North Korea should not test Trump’s ‘resolve’
US Vice President Mike Pence during a press conference in South Korea, April 17, 2017. (Photo: The Washington Post)

SEOUL, South Korea (Kurdistan24) – The Vice President of the United States on Monday warned North Korea not to challenge the “resolve” of President Donald Trump.

During a visit to South Korea, US Vice President Mike Pence delivered a press conference where he addressed North Korea’s nuclear threat.

Although the US always looks for “peaceful means” to denuclearize the Korean peninsula, all other options including military ones are available, Pence explained.

“We hope to achieve this objective through peaceful means, but all other options are on the table,” he informed.

The Vice President pointed to the capabilities of Trump, highlighting the recent military strikes in Syria and Afghanistan.

“In the past two weeks, the world witnessed the strength and resolve of our new President,” he stated.

“North Korea would do well not to test [Trump’s] resolve,” Pence warned.

During the US Vice President’s visit to South Korea, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un ordered a ballistic missile launch which reportedly failed.

Vice President Pence assured the US’ armed forces in the region were capable of countering any attempted efforts by the North Koreans.

“We will continue to deploy the THAAD missile defense system as a defensive measure,” he said.

“We will defeat any attack, and we will meet any use of conventional or nuclear weapons with an overwhelming and effective response,” the Vice President affirmed.

Pence also addressed the previous US administration’s “strategic patience,” stating the North Koreans continued to overstep agreements with “willful deception.”

“For more than two decades, the United States and our allies have worked to peacefully dismantle North Korea’s nuclear program,” he said.

“The era of strategic patience is over,” Pence concluded.


Editing by Ava Homa