Kurdistan WATCH: Gas flame continues to burn from water well in Kurdistan

WATCH: Gas flame continues to burn from water well in Kurdistan
Flames rise from a water well in Chamchamal town, Sulaimani Province, Kurdistan Region, May 12, 2017. (Photo: Kurdistan24)

CHAMCHAMAL, Kurdistan Region (Kurdistan24) – For nearly a year and a half, a fire continues to rise from a water well in Sulaimani’s Chamchamal town, consuming about 2,200 liters of gas per day.

Several people visit the area on a daily basis to see the phenomenon, calling on the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) to prevent the resource from being wasted and pollute the environment.

While Kurdistan24 correspondent Hemin Dalo was in the area, a group of students, instructors, and clerics visited the water well.

“If it continues to flow to the area, in the long-term, after five years, the lands close to the area will lose its applicability for agricultural cultivation,” University Instructor Kawa Mohammed Sharif told Kurdistan24.

Sharif stated the gas consists of hydrogen sulfide which negatively affects the health condition of people around the water well as well as those who visit the area.

He also noted two water wells had become dry in the area due to the gas flow mixed with water from the well.

Bestun Mohammed, the head of the oil and gas department at Charmo University, explained to Kurdistan24 that along with the depletion of water and gas, the flame would cause serious illness to residents in the area.

Research and studies conducted reveal the flow of gas from the water is the result of two oil wells dug by the British and Iraqi government in 1936 and 1954.

The excavation caused high gas pressure in the area.

The Kurdistan Region is rich with a massive reserve of natural resources, especially oil and gas.


Editing by Karzan Sulaivany

(Kurdistan24 correspondent Hemin Dalo contributed to this report from Sulaimani)