World Canadian PM congratulates Kurds on Newroz

Canadian PM congratulates Kurds on Newroz
Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. (Photo: Reuters/Christinne Muschi)

OTTAWA, Canada (Kurdistan24) – Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Monday issued an official statement wishing a happy New Year (Newroz) to all those who celebrate.

“Today, we join Persian, Central Asian, Kurdish, and Ismaili Canadians to celebrate the festival of [Newroz],” Trudeau said.

“On behalf of the Government of Canada…I wish a healthy and prosperous new year to all those celebrating [Newroz] in Canada and around the world,” he continued.

“This ancient festival has been observed for thousands of years to welcome the coming of spring and the New Year,” Trudeau said in the statement.

“It is a time for friends and family to join together…exchange gifts, enjoy music, and share food,” the Prime Minister added.

Moreover, Trudeau urged Canadians across the country “to recognize and celebrate the contributions” of Kurds in Canada.

“[Newroz], which means new day in Farsi, is also an opportunity to renew our collective commitment to harmony, acceptance, and understanding,” he concluded.

Trudeau and his Liberal government have been recognized for their inclusivity of different ethnic groups.

Last year, the Canadian Prime Minister issued a recorded statement extending his best wishes to those celebrating the event.

Newroz (or “New Day”) is celebrated annually worldwide to signal the beginning of Spring in the Northern Hemisphere.

Kurds usually mark the celebration by lighting large bonfires along with singing and dancing.

For Kurds, Newroz is an event which symbolizes their revolution and struggle throughout history.

Photos and greetings related to Newroz have circulated on social media networks as Kurds celebrate the event from different parts of the world.


Editing by Ava Homa