Shingal District Council support Kurdistan’s independence referendum

ERBIL, Kurdistan Region (Kurdistan 24) – The Shingal District Council expressed support for the efforts of the Kurdistan Regional Government to include Shingal areas in the referendum.

Waiys Naiyf, Head of Shingal District Council in a press conference on Sunday expressed the council’s full support for the independence referendum in the Kurdistan Region.

“We as representatives of Shingal district and sub-districts of Snune, Blej and Girazer saw as a national duty to officially express our views in support to the independence referendum as it is a natural right of our people,” Naiyf told reporters.

He added that the successive Iraqi government oppressed our people here because of our Kurdish identity and now it is an honor for us all to determine our future within Kurdistan Region.

“We do not only support the referendum, but it is our right to participate in the voting to have our voices heard,” Naiyf concluded.

In a panel in Washington DC, Yazidi (Ezidi) representatives in the Kurdistan and Iraqi parliaments have publicly expressed their support for the Kurdistan Region’s independence referendum.