Kurdistan Region capital hosts two-day bodybuilding physique competition

"We are very grateful, as athletes, to have these types of competitions here in Kurdistan."

ERBIL (Kurdistan 24) – Dozens of bodybuilders from the Kurdistan Region recently took part in a two-day bodybuilding event in the capital Erbil.  

During the two-day event, over 50 athletes participated in the physique competition organized by the Kurdistan Bodybuilding Federation in association with the Bodybuilding Federation of Iraq.

Kurdistan 24 attended the event and spoke to the head of Erbil Bodybuilding Federation who explained that the physique competition is different from a classic bodybuilding contest where the athlete’s upper and lower body are judged.

“This competition focuses on the upper body physique of the athlete and is different from a classic bodybuilding competition where weight and muscle mass are a factor for the entire body, upper and lower,” Ahmed Aziz told Kurdistan 24.

The categories were also determined by the athlete’s height and not weight, starting with the 170-centimeter division and taller.

The winner of the competition, Abbas Salm, told Kurdistan 24 the event was very important for athletes who aspire to represent Kurdistan in similar events abroad.

“This competition is very important because you are considered an athlete who represents Kurdistan as well as Iraq,” Salm said.

“You also have the opportunity to compete abroad. We are very grateful, as athletes, to have these types of competitions here in Kurdistan.”

Another athlete, Diyarbakir Mohammed, who placed third in the 170 cm category, said he was satisfied with his result.

“I have been preparing for this competition for about three months and was able to place third overall. I am satisfied with that result.”

This is the third time the bodybuilding physique competition has been organized in Erbil. In the past, the event has attracted athletes from neighboring countries like Iran and Syria.

(Additional reporting by Derbaz Ahmed)