Saudis storm social media in support of Kurdistan Independence

On Friday, Saudi Arabi social media users initiated the #SaudiWithKurdistan hashtag to express their support for the upcoming referendum in Kurdistan Region.
author_image Ava Homa

Erbil, Kurdistan Region (Kurdistan24) _ On Friday, Saudi Arabi social media users initiated the #SaudiWithKurdistan campaign to express their support for the upcoming referendum in Kurdistan Region.

September 25, 2017, was set on Wednesday as the date for Kurdistan Region independence referendum.

Even though neighboring governments have disapproved of Kurds' independence aspiration, people around the world have expressed solidarity with the Kurdish cause on their social media accounts.

"We believe that this new country will bring much better representation of peaceful policies and truthful unity," said a Saudi man on tweeter.



Some believe that launching the #SaudiWithKurdistan campaign was in response to the Turkish support for Qatar.

In the meantime, top Kurdish politician Ilham Ahmed, who is currently on a visit to Washington to discuss the ongoing Raqqa operation expressed Syrian Kurds' support for Saudi Arabia.

“Saudi Arabia is an important power in the region and it must play its role in promoting stability in Syria. We are ready to cooperate with Saudi,” she said.

The United States stated on Thursday that it appreciates the "legitimate aspirations" of the people in Iraqi Kurdistan.

Germany warned on Thursday against Erbil taking a unilateral decision.

Iraq disapproved of the decision. 

“Any decision that concerns the future of Iraq must take into consideration the constitutional texts as it is an Iraqi decision,” Saad al-Hadithi, the spokesperson of PM Abadi said.

Turkey also called the decision a grave mistake.

Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yildirim told reporters on Friday that holding the referendum is irresponsible, and that the region had enough problems.

Kurds are arguably the largest stateless nation in the world. Estimated to be over 40 million, Kurd's ancient land after the first world war was divided between several countries, mainly Turkey, Iraq, Iran, and Syria.

The creation of a Kurdish state has long been a dream for almost all Kurds around the world.