Rouhani: Iran’s military power is ‘purely defensive’

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani on Thursday declared Iran’s military power was “purely defensive.”

TEHRAN, Iran (Kurdistan24) – Iranian President Hassan Rouhani on Thursday declared Iran’s military power was “purely defensive.”

Rouhani’s comments follow recent tension between the United States over Iran’s ballistic missile tests.

“The Islamic Republic of Iran has shown that it doesn’t intend to interfere [in] the internal affairs of other countries,” the Iranian President was quoted by AFP.

“Our military power is purely defensive,” he added.

In recent weeks, the US’ concern with Iran’s military activity has increased, escalating frictions between the two nations.

The US administration under President Donald Trump imposed new sanctions on Iran following a ballistic missile test in late January.

The penalties affected 25 individuals and companies linked to Iran’s ballistic missile program including those supporting the Revolutionary Guard Corps.

However, Iran was unconcerned with the new sanctions and conducted two more tests earlier this week.

Meanwhile, Iran’s Foreign Ministry responded to the US’ sanctions threatening “legal restrictions” on Americans guilty of “aiding extremist and terrorist groups.”

Moreover, Iran’s Vice President Eshaq Jahangiri said the “ultimate losers” were those who confront Iran with force.

“The Americans have chosen a wrong path these days, and we hope that they will revise their approach and practice interaction,” he stated.

Additionally, Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei denied President Trump’s request that Tehran halts its missile program.

“We have always spoken about the political, economic, moral, and social corruption in the US administration – [Trump] revealed it during the election campaign and since then,” Khamenei said.

In response, the White House assured Khamenei Trump was “not going to sit by and let Iran flout its violations, or its apparent violations to the joint agreement.”


Editing by Ava Homa