Large fake KENT cigarette factory discovered in Baghdad, seized by authorities

Iraq qi authorities on Sunday announced the discovery and confiscation of a large counterfeit KENT cigarette factory in Baghdad.

ERBIL (Kurdistan 24) – Iraqi authorities on Sunday announced the discovery and confiscation of a large counterfeit KENT cigarette factory in Baghdad. 

“A joint unit of the Office of the Inspector-General of the Ministry of Interior and the National Intelligence Service managed to seize one of the largest fraudulent factories in the country, specializing in the manufacture of KENT brand cigarettes, which they sold in local market as originals,” the statement read.

The factory is located in the industrial zone of the Awerij in Baghdad, according to the Interior Ministry.

The statement also mentioned they had detained 25 foreign workers inside the factory who were violating Iraqi residency rules.

The Ministry did not identify the nationalities but noted they were detained until they could be deported to their respective countries.

It also added that “necessary legal measures” would be taken against those responsible for violating Iraq’s manufacturing laws and regulations.

The group was producing, packaging, and selling cigarettes in local markets as an original product imported from abroad, the statement explained.

There were no immediate comments about the factory from R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company, which actually manufactures KENT.

Kent is an American brand of cigarettes. The brand was first introduced in 1952 and named after Herbert Kent, a former executive at Lorillard Tobacco Company.

Editing by Nadia Riva