COVID-19: KRG reports 222 new cases after conducting about 2,000 tests

A ministry statement reported that 127 patients had recovered from the disease over the 24-hour period.

ERBIL (Kurdistan 24) – The Kurdistan Region’s Health Ministry on Friday announced it had recorded 222 new coronavirus cases over 24 hours after health workers conducted about 2,000 tests for the virus.

A ministry statement reported that 127 patients had recovered from the disease over the same period. Nine more people also passed away due to the virus, according to the ministry.

Since the outbreak of the virus, Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) authorities have confirmed about 12,000 coronavirus cases from over 185,000 tests for the disease. Of the total, close to 5,000 remain active, 464 have died, and nearly 6,600 have recovered.

Since the spike in late May, Sulaimani province has had a relatively higher proportion of new cases, as authorities across the autonomous region eased lockdown measures and trade resumed with Iran.

Iran has the worst outbreak in the Middle East and from where it spread to regional states.

Of the total active cases, about 4,000 are in Sulaimani, which is over four times the number of infections in Erbil province. The two areas have relatively similar populations. Duhok and Halabja provinces, both having lower population counts, have active cases numbered in the dozens.

Youngest Case of COVID-19 in Kurdistan

On Friday, health authorities confirmed the Kurdistan Region’s youngest person to contract the coronavirus, which is that of a 17-day old baby in the city of Duhok.

Many members of the child’s family have been infected with the disease, including the parents and siblings. While their father is currently quarantined, the rest of the immediate family is in the hospital.

The child’s uncle, who is virus-free, is caring for them at the moment at the same hospital where the rest of the family is.

“Seven persons in our family have caught the virus,” the child’s uncle, Omar, told Kurdistan 24. The number includes the child’s parents and siblings. “Only the conditions of my father and mother are a little bad; the rest are stable,” he added.

It is still unclear how the child became infected.

“This newborn is the youngest case of the coronavirus recorded in the Kurdistan Region,” a doctor at the Duhok hospital told Kurdistan 24. “Their condition is very stable and has not shown any symptoms of the disease.”

On Thursday, the Kurdistan Regional Government’s (KRG) anti-coronavirus committee issued a new order, tightening the region’s preventive measures to fight the spread of the disease.