KRG highlighted its efforts to dry up ISIS financial support in Berlin meeting

"KRG's efforts to dry up ISIS's financial supports have been highlighted."
UNITAD on Wednesday co-hosted a special event on ISIS's financial crimes (Photo: Dindar Zebari/Twitter)
UNITAD on Wednesday co-hosted a special event on ISIS's financial crimes (Photo: Dindar Zebari/Twitter)

ERBIL (Kurdistan 24) – The Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) highlighted its efforts to dry up ISIS's financial support in a meeting in Berlin on Wednesday, Dr. Dindar Zebari, the KRG Coordinator for International Advocacy and the KRG representative in the Iraqi National Coordination Committee (NCC), tweeted on Thursday. 

The United Nations Investigative Team to promote accountability for crimes committed by Daesh/ISIL (UNITAD) co-hosted a special event on Investigating Financial Dimensions of War Crimes, Crimes against Humanity, and Genocide on Wednesday in Berlin with the Embassy of Iraq to Germany and the German Federal Foreign Office. 

The KRG also participated in the meeting.

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"In Berlin l represented @KRG_NCC's in a meeting to spearhead endeavours to deplet(e) ISIS's financial resources," Zebari tweeted. "@UNITAD_Iraq's SA, the Iraqi ambassador to Germany, and German officials were present. KRG's efforts to dry up ISIS's financial supports have been highlighted."

"At the meeting, we highlighted the KRG's efforts to eliminate ISIS's financial resources and prevent currency exchange efforts and reveal those sources outside the region," Zebari said in a Facebook post.

In another meeting, the KRG underlined its cooperation with UNITAD and support for implementing UN Security Council Resolution 2379 from 2017 to put ISIS terrorists on trial for their crimes.

"We also mentioned that the normalization of the (disputed) territories under article 140 of the Iraqi Constitution guarantees the reconstruction of these areas and compensation for victims of ISIS and their families," Zebari said. 

In an earlier statement, Zebari said that the KRG is "continuing our coordination with UNITAD, especially in the process of archiving and documenting the crimes of ISIS, exhuming the mass graves, returning of the remains, and rescuing the kidnapped."

On Wednesday, Special Adviser of UNITAD Christian Ritscher thanked Germany for its financial support, UNITAD said.

"With thanks to the generous financial support from Germany, UNITAD established a dedicated Economic Crimes Unit (ECU) to support the work of the Team in relation to the financial aspects of crimes falling within UNITAD's mandate," Ritscher said in a statement. "This enabled UNITAD to investigate the complex financial structures that were central to ISIL/Da'esh (ISIS) as an organization which maintained a huge bureaucracy, and used massive resources to commit heinous international crimes."

In his address, Minister of State of the German Federal Foreign Office, Dr. Tobias Lindner, emphasized the importance of UNITAD's work for holding ISIS members accountable for their crimes.

"Accountability is the key to successful reconciliation in post-conflict societies. Impunity - on the other hand - destroys the social fabric of a society," he said. "This is the reason why we encourage partners to adopt the concept of universal jurisdiction and to make ample use of it."

The Special Adviser further commended Iraq's commitment to supporting UNITAD's mission and facilitating the Team's investigations towards the common goal of ensuring accountability for ISIS's international crimes.