Kurdish parliamentary group formed in Germany

A group of German MPs have formed a Kurdish friendship group in the German Parliament.
German MPs last month formed a new group to assist German Kurds (Photo: Kurdish Community in Germany/X)
German MPs last month formed a new group to assist German Kurds (Photo: Kurdish Community in Germany/X)

ERBIL (Kurdistan24) - The Kurdish Life Parliamentary Group in Germany was formed last month in Germany, the Kurdish Community in Germany, or “Kurdische Gemeinde Deutschland” (KGD), announced on Tuesday.

The parliamentary group is led by MP Kassem Taher Saleh (Greens), MP Gökay Akbulut, (The Left), MP Christoph de Vries, (Christian Democratic Union of Germany - CDU), MP Peter Heidt (Free Democratic Party - FDP), and MP Kaweh Mansoori (Social Democratic Party of Germany - SPD).

“With around 1.5 million people, the Kurdish community is one of the largest migrant groups in Germany. They often view the political situation in their countries of origin with concern,” the group said in a press release. 

“As members of the German Bundestag (German Parliament), Mr. Taher Saleh and his colleagues would like to regularly exchange ideas within the parliamentary group and discuss with guests, among other things, questions such as: How can we provide helpful impulses and the process of democratization and the progressive Kurdish civil society on site and support in Germany?”

The press release further queried “How can we better support the potential and opportunities of the Kurdish community in Germany?”

"The founding was long overdue,” Green MP Kassem Taher Saleh wrote on the social media platform X, formerly known as Twitter. “Together we are committed to the concerns of the Kurdish community and look forward to good cooperation.”

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Green MP Kassem Taher Saleh, a Kurd originally from Zakho, was part of a German Parliament delegation that visited the Kurdistan Region in June 2022 and met with Prime Minister Masrour Barzani.

During that meeting, Prime Minister Masrour Barzani thanked Germany for its support and assistance to the Kurdistan Region. 

Moreover, the Kurdistan Parliament's Foreign Relations and Kurdish Diaspora Committee visited Germany in July 2022 and met with German MPs, where the two sides discussed ways of improving bilateral relations.

Editing by Dastan Muwaffaq