Family of Peshraw Dizayee continue his legacy of modernization of Kurdistan Region, says KRG’s Minister of Interior

Mr. Ahmed explained further that Peshraw Dizayee always dreamt of modernizing and redeveloping Kurdistan Region and the city of Erbil.
Reber Ahmed, Minister of Interior, gives a speech during the commemorative ceremony. (Photo: Kurdistan 24)
Reber Ahmed, Minister of Interior, gives a speech during the commemorative ceremony. (Photo: Kurdistan 24)

ERBIL (Kurdistan24) – A commemorative ceremony was held on Saturday in Erbil to pay tribute to the well-known Kurdish businessman, Peshraw Dizayee, who was killed in January by missile strikes from Iran. Delegates from various political parties in Kurdistan Region, notable and senior government officials and the extended family of Mr. Peshraw Dizayee were among the attendees.

Kurdistan Region’s Minister of Interior, Mr. Reber Ahmed, gave a speech in the commemorative ceremony and emphasized that “martyring Mr. Peshraw does not dissuade investors from modernizing and reconstructing Kurdistan Region.”

“The family of Mr. Peshraw Dizayee will continue his legacy of modernization and reconstruction of Erbil,” he added.

In his speech, Mr. Ahmed highlighted that, “injustice has been done to Mr. Peshraw Dizayee. His martyrdom was due to an unjustifiable, baseless and totally cruel act that targeted the place of his residence. To be targeted at his home, a place of peace and quiet with members of his family was heartless.”

Mr. Ahmed explained further that Peshraw Dizayee always dreamt of modernizing and reconstructing Kurdistan Region and the city of Erbil, “but, unfortunately, the enemies of peace and development did not allow him to dream further and continue his work for his country.”

“The loss of Peshraw Dizayee does not dissuade or frighten investors, businesspersons and entrepreneurs in the private sector in Kurdistan Region. Nor will such attacks slow them down from continuing to coordinate and assist the public sector and the KRG. Maintaining the process of prosperity in the Kurdistan Region is worthy of praise,” he added.

The Minister of Interior also underscored that targeting civilians, investors and entrepreneurs in Erbil with baseless excuses is a sign of weakness and hopelessness of the aggressors. “Such acts of aggression and injustice will not deter us to continue our work and build the future of our country and ensure a bright future for our people.”

Mr. Ahmed stressed that the investors and businesspersons have always been a major supporter of the Kurdistan government and people during difficult times. “The Kurdistan Region, with God's help and under the leadership of President Barzani, and despite all the obstacles, will continue to progress and stabilize,” he emphasized.

The Minister of Interior also reiterated that the Kurdistan Region has never been a source of threat for any of the neighboring countries. “Kurdistan Region has always been a source of stability and peace in the region. The Kurdistan Region has never allowed its territory to be used to threaten other countries,” he continued. 

Regarding the security pact between Iraq and Iran, the Minister of Interior of Kurdistan Region stated that, “Kurdistan Region has been fully committed to this pact and we have met all our obligations; however, the missile strikes were a violation of all provisions of the agreement.”

In his speech, Mr. Reber Ahmad addressed a message to those parties that carried out the missile strikes and said, “The will of this nation has never weakened when faced with adversaries and will not be shaken now; it will grow ever stronger because it has a strong belief and wise leadership.”

Mr. Ahmed commended the efforts made by the Federal Government in Iraq and expressed that “the initial steps following the strikes were commendable. It was a truly patriotic gesture from the Federal government to condemn the strikes and file a complaint to the UN Security Council.”

The Minister of Interior called on the Federal government to restate and confirm its initial stance and safeguard the sovereignty of Iraq and its people. “All that until the investigation of the strikes is finalized and its findings realized,” he added.

If such a stance is not reaffirmed by the Federal Government, “then, there will not be any value left for the sovereignty of Iraq,” he warned.

On Monday Jan. 15, 2024, at least three ballistic missiles fired by Iran hit the private residence of renowned Kurdish businessman Peshraw Dizayee in northern Erbil city during a family gathering, in which four people were killed, including Dizayee and his 11-month daughter.

Furthermore, Dizayee’s son, Rawan Peshraw Dizayee, was also severely injured in last night’s missile attack.

The attacks drew widespread condemnation from Western countries as well as the United Nations. Baghdad recalled its ambassador from Tehran in protest of what it described as a violation of its sovereignty.

The Iraqi government later filed an official complaint to the United Nations Security Council on the attacks.

The IRGC similarly targeted another residence of a Kurdish businessman in 2022, resulting in significant material damage to the mansion.