Christine Hohmann, German Ambassador in Baghdad, highlights corruption challenges facing German investors in Iraq

The German Ambassador stated “the German companies, likewise most of the international companies, have been experiencing harassment, bully and bribing attempts by officials within the Iraqi ministries”  
Christine Hohmann, German Ambassador. (Photo: Archive/Kurdistan 24)
Christine Hohmann, German Ambassador. (Photo: Archive/Kurdistan 24)

ERBIL (Kurdistan 24) – Christine the German Ambassador have been in Baghdad- Iraq, around 8 months, occupying that governmental job position, in a session, she highlighted the German government’s role in economic growth of Iraq in the investment.

She explained that the German companies have been contributing in the investment and implementing the plans in Iraq, however likewise most of the international companies, the German’s faced bullies and bribery offered by the Iraqi officials in the ministries in Iraq.

She highlighted in that discussion in obtaining a contract for investment and/or implementation, it is usual to have experienced big challenges; being harassed and attempts in getting bribed. “All of that will impact the international perspective about Iraq and the risk of putting off these companies to contribute in the Iraqi economic growth. German investors were asked to pay for handling an investment contract, but they didn’t pay because that is illegal in Germany, by law there is a consequence to non-compliant. Hohmann continued

She believes that would weaken the investment sector and cause companies to pull out of Iraq. In an enquiry to disclose any parties, officials or names, she refused to mention any particular names or any governmental agencies.

A member of Iraqi parliament in the Counter Corruption Body states “To challenge the corruption on a higher level during the Iraqi Prime Minister Mohammed Shia al-Soudani, what you overheard about corruption from the media is much less than happening in reality, to challenge that is not easy, as it was expected. Corrupts control the essential roles in the state”