Erbil General Director of Agriculture, mandatory instructions for farmers during harvest season

It is the harvesting season for the framers, to follow important advice to deter any fire accidents
A harvester in operating, in the wheat field. (Photo: Kurdistan 24)
A harvester in operating, in the wheat field. (Photo: Kurdistan 24)

Erbil (Kurdistan 24) – The harvesting season in Kurdistan Region has already started. The experts from the Erbil General Director of Agriculture gives out a list of guidelines and instructions to be followed during harvesting the crops, particularly, harvesting wheat and barley.

The advices to mandate all the farmers and field workers to follow, for their own health and safety in the work environment, the Erbil General Director of Agriculture announced.

The guidelines mainly cover the areas at risk of fire, and to deter any fire accidents. The office feels that assists farmers, educate and protect them while harvesting. “After all if is for their welfare”, the office underscored.

The main instructions mention:

- A fire extinguisher must accompany the harvester vehicle

- Any forge welding-work is completely banned during harvesting wheat or barley in the fields

- To be very wary about electricity cables

- To fully amend and adjust all the trespasses and roads to the farm lands, in order the brigades have easy access to.

- A water tank must accompany the harvesters, to be in use, to control the fire

- Avoid smoking in the crops fields.

The emergency fire brigade helpline 115 and/ or 125 as well as the ambulance contact 122.