Volunteers, in Garmian, restored dried-out fountain

The Forest and Environment Protection Police cooperated with the volunteering team to restore the dried-out and disappeared fountains within the Gramian's borders.

ERBIL (Kurdistan 24) – The volunteering teams gathered, to work together to restore those fountains that have been dried out in Garmian, in Kurdistan Region due to the strong sun heat.

After searching for disappeared fountains, and via active teamwork, it was managed to restore a fountain. 

The water is necessary in that area, providing the equipment and needed tools beside the human assistance, helped restoring a fountain, and thus the returning of the wild animals noticed.

The local residents felt that making ponds and restoring fountains get the wildlife back to the area. Also, they hoped that this step would encourage more of the type of the work, so to lead to the return of the inhabitants.

The Forest and Environment Protection Police cooperated with the locals to restore the dried-out fountain and protecting it as well as rescuing and protecting animals from the hunters.

The team confirmed, searching for those fountains that dried out, were as a result of the strong heat from the sun for a long period of time. They believed that was not a fast forward and easy job.

In Dawda of the Garmaser village within the Garmian boarder, a pond was restored after it was dried out for years. The birds and the other wild inhabitants were noticed coming back to the area.

Goran Jalal, who was one of the volunteers, stated to Kurdistan 24 “We brought big trucks, bulldozers and diggers to Dawda and Balgai Zhwru villages, searching for the fountains that were disappeared for years. The strong heat in the areas turned the inhabitants away, also the hunters nearly caused vanishing animal species”

A local resident Dlshad Ahmed said “I am very glad to see we have found a good suitable water resource. Now, the pond is restored, the birds will turn to this place to drink from the pond”

The Forest and Environment Protection Manager Qazi Najm revealed “Through Kurdistan 24, I ask everyone to stop killing the wild animals in the Garmian plains”

“Hunting animals is not a nice habit. Now, in spite of the hunting risks and less water, they are in danger of being extinct. We won’t ignore those who hunt and kill wild animals” Najm added.