AUK's MEPS contributes to growth of security


The significance of holding the annual Middle East Peace and Security (MEPS) is that it contributes to the growth of security and offers support for the peaceful settlement of conflicts through constant monitoring, and regulated, and unstructured dialogue among the political and security communities at both the local and global. The MEPS provides a contribution toward the enhancement of the community's overall level of safety and protection. Participants in the event will be reunited with one another from all over the world at AUK in order to make the accomplishment of this objective a more straightforward procedure.

Student leadership at MEPS

The importance of the role of students in the organization of the event lies in the fact that student volunteers are involved in the planning and execution of such a significant event at the AUK, where diplomats, scholars, and world leaders convene to discuss the political and economic future of the region. The student volunteers assist with MEPS preparations weeks before the event. And during the event, they register attendees, guide, and assist participants, and ensure that the event runs smoothly. Student volunteers are also essential to the success and seamless operation of the event.

The students who are studying international studies participate take part in the many conversations and panel discussions that take place during the event. Students' attitudes, understanding of global and regional politics, viewpoints, insights, economic statutes, national and international legislative and executive decision-makers, and procedures are all broadened and expanded as a result of the event.

During the panels, students get the opportunity to ask questions and engage in discourse with those who are in positions to make decisions and affect change on a global scale. It is essential for students to participate in these conferences in order to broaden their knowledge base on a variety of political and economic aspects.

Last but not least, the AUK has the potential to be a pioneer in the effort to bring decision-makers together in one location, whereby, more than 200 participants whose distinctive viewpoints and life experiences influence the organization, leadership, and structure of national and international communities.

Therefore, contributions to the improvement of the community's overall level of safety and security. At AUK, participants from all over the world will have the opportunity to catch up with one another in order to make the process of accomplishing this objective much simpler. It is conceivable for AUK to become both a central pillar and headquarters for reform and diplomacy in the region, as well as for future-related decisions. Due to the gathering of policymakers in one location.

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