Canada votes to welcome Ezidi refugees

A representative from the government of Canada on Tuesday revealed preparations are being made to receive Yezidi (Ezidi) refugees within the upcoming months.

TORONTO, Canada (Kurdistan24) – A representative from the government of Canada on Tuesday revealed his country is preparing to receive Yezidi (Ezidi) refugees within the upcoming months.

John McCallum, the Canadian Immigration Minister, said the Liberal government is ready to begin accepting Ezidi refugees within four months after a unanimous vote in parliament.

The motion was originally brought forth by Conservative party representatives who called for support for Ezidi victims of the Islamic State (IS).

According to McCallum, immigration representatives have flown over to the region to start the process of accepting refugees.

“It is not easy to bring the [Ezidis] here from the places where they are,” McCallum stated during a session at the House of Commons.

“My department has sent an expedition out to the terrain and we are committed to bring them in within, as the motion says, 120 days or less,” he added.

The Immigration Minister said preparations are ongoing and the mission is a priority. “We have committed to do this and it will be done,” he confirmed.

“We certainly did not waste time when we brought 25,000 Syrian refugees to Canada in the space of six months,” McCallum continued.

Nadia Murad, a survivor of the IS genocide against Ezidis and current UN Goodwill Ambassador, was present as the House of Commons voted to accept the refugees.

Additionally, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau confirmed Canada would act accordingly to give the Ezidi victims new hope.

“I am pleased to see Nadia again today and reassure her that in the coming months we are committed to bring in…vulnerable [Ezidi] refuges,” he said.

Moreover, Murad expressed her gratitude at the decision to accept the Ezidi refugees.

“I would like to thank Canada on behalf of the victims who will come here and who will start a new life,” she stated.

“These women and girls have been under extreme suffering for the past two years, where they were sold, where they were raped, where their children were taken away,” Murad concluded.


Editing by Ava Homa