A Kurdish teacher won the researchers’ award in Iran

Werya Norozi, a Kurdish teacher from Ziwieh region, in Iranian Kurdistan (Rojhelat) won this years' Iranian award for pedagogical research.

Erbil, Kurdistan Region (K24) —Werya Norozi, a Kurdish teacher from Ziwieh region, in Iranian Kurdistan (Rojhelat) won this years Iranian award for pedagogical research.

Norozi is an elementary school teacher in the mountainous Ziwieh region, near the city of Saqqez, in Kurdistan Province.

Norozi's research was innovative in exploring the interconnection between communication skills and the ability to conduct scientific research.

Khalid Alipour, charmian of the Research and Development of the Kurdistan Province Education Department, told media that Norozi has been selected for his research project in the year 2014-2015.

“In the eighteenth scientific research contest, the Kurdish teacher Norozi was selected for introducing an innovative approach to teaching among 442 applicants.”

Norozi, who focused on improving the general communication skills of his sixth-grade students, noticed that enhanced communication skills affect students’ enthusiasm to conduct research.

“How I boosted sixth graders’ interest in science through improving their communication skills,” was the title of the winning paper.

According to Alipour, in the December competition, 19 research papers were selected as the best in the provincial level and 11 were chosen at the national level. Norozi’s won first place nationally.

Alipour emphasised that holding research contests are effective in encouraging teachers to explore new pedagogical approaches and improve education in the Kurdistan Province. He added that this year there were three times as many applicants as there were in the previous year.