KRG security confiscates 29 kilograms of heroin en route to Syria

The suspects were planning to transfer the heroin to Syria through the Kurdistan Region.

ERBIL (Kurdistan 24) – The Kurdistan Region’s security forces, known as Asayish, have arrested two suspects who were trying to transfer 29 kilograms of heroin to one of the neighboring countries.

In a statement on Wednesday, the Kurdistan Region’s Anti-Drugs Directorate announced the arrest of two suspects and the confiscation of over 29 kilograms of heroin.

“On Wednesday, in coordination with Akre district Asayish [security] forces and Peshmerga intelligence, Asayish were able to arrest a band of two drug dealers and confiscate 29.5 kilograms of heroin near the Rovia sub-district [in Duhok Province],” the statement said.

The suspects were planning to transfer the heroin to Syria through the Kurdistan Region, the Anti-Drugs Directorate added, noting both would face prosecution.

In May, Soran security in Erbil said they had confiscated dozens of packages of narcotics smuggled into the Kurdistan Region from Turkey. However, it was unclear if the drugs were originally from there.

They confiscated 36 kilograms of heroin, according to the General Director of Soran Security, Sadiq Ali, who spoke with Kurdistan 24.

In a different incident in the same month, Soran’s Asayish forces announced the seizure of over 12 kilograms of illegal drugs that smugglers were attempting to transport through the Kurdistan Region from Iran.

Kurdish Asayish often confiscates drugs and other illicit material hustled through Kurdistan, mainly in Erbil and Sulaimani provinces. Most of it is smuggled to the region through its borders with Iran.

Editing by Karzan Sulaivany