Suspects responsible for killing Peshmerga fighter arrested in Erbil

Two of the arrested suspects were responsible for murdering a Peshmerga fighter.

ERBIL (Kurdistan 24) – The Kurdistan Region’s security forces on Thursday announced the arrest of four suspects over separate murder incidents in Erbil Province, including the killing of a Peshmerga.

The Directorate of Erbil Asayish [Security] said that in two separate raids in the Kurdistan capital, they were able to arrest three suspects responsible for the killing of a Peshmerga and another citizen in the city.

“A few days ago, security forces raided a house in Hana City in Erbil and arrested two suspects, aged 17 and 27, who were responsible for killing a Peshmerga fighter,” a source from the Erbil Asayish told Kurdistan 24.

The source revealed that a suspect in another murder case was also arrested by security forces in another raid after the body of a young male was found in Erbil’s Hawleri Nwe neighborhood a few days ago.

Following investigations, security forces were able to arrest the suspect who also confessed to murdering the victim, the source added.

Meanwhile, security forces detained a suspect in connection with a hit-and-run incident that killed Asi Younus Hamid, Director of the Ashti subdistrict’s Electricity Department in Erbil, the spokesperson of Erbil Police Directorate, Hogr Aziz, said on Wednesday.

On July 27, a pick-up truck struck and killed Asi Younus Hamid, Director of the Ashti subdistrict’s Electricity Directorate, on the Erbil-Koya road, wounding his wife and two children, before fleeing the scene.

Editing by Karzan Sulaivany