Front-line unites four-parts of Kurdistan

The Kurdish fighters of the Kurdistan Region, Bakur, Rojhalat and Rojava fight Islamic State insurgents on the Mosul Dam front in the north of Iraq in a unified effort.

ERBIL, Kurdistan Region (K24) – In a unified effort, the Kurdish fighters of the Kurdistan Region, Bakur (Turkey's Kurdistan), Rojhalat (Iranian Kurdistan) and Rojava (Syrian Kurdistan) fight Islamic State (IS) insurgents on the Mosul Dam front (located in the north of Iraq).

The modern map of the Middle East has divided the 'Greater Kurdistan' into four parts: the Kurdistan Region of Iraq, Bakur, Rojhalat and Rojava. However, fighting against the IS has brought all parts of Kurdistan to a unified front line.

Jengiz Haidari, a Peshmerga fighter from the Kurdistan Region fighting IS on the Mosul Dam front, told K24 on Saturday, "People should know that there are not four-parts of Kurdistan, Kurdistan is one. Now, we see our [Kurdish] brothers and sisters from all parts of Kurdistan are battling against IS insurgents on this front line [Mosul Dam front]."

Nojdar Ahmet, another Kurd from Bakur who voluntarily joined Peshmerga forces on the same front, told K24, "As a Kurdish person from Bakur, I decided to join Peshmerga forces as it is part of my duty to defend Kurdistan."

He continued, "There is no sense of life if you don't have freedom, even if you're a doctor, engineer or a teacher. If Kurdistan is not free, it means whatever you're doing is for another country, not for your land."

Egid Mustafa, a Peshmerga fighter from Rojava on the front explained to K24 that, “Kurds need unity, and the Kurdish political parties must prioritize it,” he continued, “We as Peshmerga of Rojava are ready to fight Daesh [IS] anywhere.”

Mustafa pointed out that it is the duty of all Kurds to fight whenever Kurdistan is under threat or attacked by enemies. “We need to defend our land and our honor,” he said.

Dilovan Amir, a Peshmerga fighter from Duhok Province, expressed his happiness that Kurds in all parts of Kurdistan unite in the battle against IS insurgents. “So far, Kurds have made a remarkable advance against IS… We hope 2016 will be the year of Kurdish independence,” Amir concluded.