KRG 2015 postal service revenue exceeds $2M

The Ministry of Communication and Transportation Spokesman, Moslih Karim, revealed on Tuesday that nearly 125 tons of goods were mailed out from Kurdistan Region in 2015.
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ERBIL, Kurdistan Region (K24) – Moslih Karim, spokesperson for the Ministry of Communication and Transportation, revealed on Tuesday that nearly 125 tons of goods were mailed out of the Kurdistan Region in 2015.

"Despite the financial crisis imposed by Baghdad, the Kurdistan Region's post office income reached over IQD 2.3 billion (over $2 million) in 2015," Karim told K24.

He clarified that the figure only included the government post office data and did not consider the private sector in the Kurdistan Region.

According to Karim, the Kurdistan Region post office implemented several projects in 2015.  Some of the changes included switching the system from manual to electronic, building Erbil Postal Directory, and printing 880,000 stamps especial to the Kurdistan Region in four different prices.

Karim highlighted that the government mailing services are approximately $38 cheaper than that of the private companies in the Region, while both of them provide express services.

The Postal Directory is part of the Ministry of Communication and Transportation in the Region. It facilitates the transport of goods out of the country from Erbil International Airport in cooperation with Jordan Royal Airway. However, importing the postal goods into the Region takes place through Baghdad.

The Erbil International Exchange Post Center, that works independently from Baghdad, was established in 2007 and is officially recognized by the Universal Postal Union (UPU).

UPU is a non-political institution that provides the members with adequate and trustworthy services.


(Reporting by Gulala Khaled; Editing by Ava Homa)