Iraqi Parliament postpones session to elect country's president

ERBIL (Kurdistan 24) – The Iraqi Parliament on Saturday postponed the session to elect the country's next president until Wednesday.

The session was originally scheduled for 11 am on Saturday morning but began in the early afternoon.

However, 126 parliamentarians from the Shiite Coordination Framework (SCF) boycotted the session. As a result, only 202 lawmakers attended the session, which did not meet the required two-thirds quorum. At least 220 lawmakers in the 329-seat parliament are needed to vote for the next president.

The attendees were from the tripartite 'Saving the Homeland' alliance that consists of the Kurdistan Democratic Party, the Sovereignty Alliance, and the Sadrist bloc.

Forty candidates are competing for the presidency.

Parliament previously failed to hold a session to elect the country's president last month. Continued failure to elect a president could result in the dissolution of parliament and the holding of new elections.