Kurdish lawyer faces assassination attempt in Erbil

Kurdish activist Sohrab Rahmati was reportedly heavily injured on Thursday evening in an assassination attempt in Erbil.
Kurdish lawyer and activist Sohrab Rahimi (Photo: Kurdistan 24/Archive)
Kurdish lawyer and activist Sohrab Rahimi (Photo: Kurdistan 24/Archive)

ERBIL (Kurdistan 24) – Sohrab Rahmati, a prominent political activist and member of the Iraqi Kurdistan Region Bar Association, was reportedly heavily injured in an assassination attempt in Erbil.

According a report of the Hengaw Organization for Human Rights Rahmati was shot in front of his residence in the Hana City residential complex in Erbil by an armed individual or group on Thursday evening

“The assailants, wielding a Colt gun equipped with a silencer, fired two bullets into Rahmati's abdomen, resulting in serious injuries. The wounded lawyer, a member of the Democratic Party of Iranian Kurdistan, is currently receiving medical treatment at a facility in Erbil,” Hengaw said.

A spokesperson from the Asayish confirmed the news to Kurdistan 24, and added that the Asayish is investigating the incident.

Sohrab Rahmati reportedly represented several families in recent years whose members were victims of assassinations, allegedly carried out by Iran.

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Moreover, Rahmati was one of the lawyers for the case of Qadir Qadiri, a senior Kurdish Peshmerga Commander of the Kurdistan Democratic Party in Iran (KDP-Iran) who was assassinated in Sulaimani’s Rania city in 2018.

Additional reporting by Azar Faruq.