Well-known Kurdish artist, grapples with health problem

The famous artist, song writer, Green Kids founder and ex-tv presenter Dashne Murad is said to be unwell, and admitted abruptly to the hospital, on a telephone conversation with Kurdistan 24, Dashne tells about her health condition and the reason behind it.
Dashni Morad (Photo: Kuridstan 24)
Dashni Morad (Photo: Kuridstan 24)

Erbil (Kurdistan 24) - Today May 19, the artis Dashne Murad in a statement to Kurdistan 24 “I was always known for doing exercises, being on dietary, yet having to deal with extreme stress and overthinking caused me a heart problem and now I am trying to control my own illness”.  

“I would be rather my own health issues practitioner, I understand my own pain more than anyone else, it is hard for others to find out what my prescription is and how I will get back to the cheeky Dashni that I used to be known on the screens!”. States Dashni the famous Kurdish singer

With the healthy life style and the long experience, she prefers to be her own health problems therapist. 

Background of this celebrity

Dashni Morad was born in Sulaymaniyah in Kurdistan region, as a young girl with her family fled the war and violence by Baath regime to Iran and from there, made it through a hard journey, to Netherlands. They settled as refugees in Netherlands, she did her education in this European country and returned the homeland Kurdistan by 21 years of age. 

She gained her fame through art, being a TV presenter and did duet with few famous Kurdish singers. Dashni has been given the title of Kurdistan’s Shakira. Afterward, she pursued her ambition by setting up a charity named the Green Kids foundation to help displaced and refugee children in Kurdistan region.