First list of Kurdistan Region employees submitted to TBI

The Kurdistan Region Government will, on weekly basis, submit the list of employees’ data to the bank that is among the seven selected banks by the Iraqi Central Bank
Ministry of Finance and Economy building (Photo: Kurdistan 24)
Ministry of Finance and Economy building (Photo: Kurdistan 24)

ERBIL (Kurdistan 24) - The ministry of Finance and Economy submitted their first list of employees’ data to the Trade Bank of Iraq (TBI) for the purpose of the payment. On May 16, within the procedure of paying salary, through bank accounts, the first list of a total of 368 employees from different ministries of Kurdistan region, has been submitted to the TBI.  

 KRG will continue providing a list and employees’ data, on weekly basis, and select any bank among the chosen seven banks that have been given consent to, previously, by the central bank of Iraq.

The KRG is enthusiastic to receive the timetable and database from TBI about setting up bank accounts and proving to the sectors. In the meantime, it is reported that the request for request of information (RFI) data has not been responded to which was submitted on last April 29.

“The ministry of Finance and Economic hopes TBI carries out the process of opening bank accounts to all employees as soon as possible,” in a statement the ministry announced.

Worth mentioning, today Monday is supposed to have over 5000 employees, in the Kurdistan Region received their April salaries through MyAccount.

Further detail, it is confirmed by Mr. Aziz Ahmed, the Deputy Chief of Staff to the Kurdistan Region's Prime Minister that 500 employees received their April salaries on Sunday May 19, through MyAccount’s bank accounts.

The seven confirmed banks are:

Bank of Beirut and Arab Countries (BBAC), Cihan Bank, RT Bank, National Bank of Iraq (NBI), Bank of Baghdad, Iraqi Islamic Bank and Trade Bank of Iraq (TBI)