Local mall owner offers 80 shops to victims of Erbil Qaisary Bazaar fire

As a part of compensation to shop owners who lost their assets in Qaisary Bazaar in the central Erbil, are being offered places by a businessman who owns a shopping mall
Erbil Qaysari Bazaar, fire incident aftermath (Photo: Kurdistan 24)
Erbil Qaysari Bazaar, fire incident aftermath (Photo: Kurdistan 24)

Erbil (Kurdistan 24) – Ibrahim Tahir Abdulla, the Tablo mall owner in Erbil city, stated to Kurdistan 24, he’s contributing to compensate the vulnerable shop owners who have their shops and assets burnt down in the fire incident broke out into Qaisary Bazaar. He has offered to provide 80 shops and 50 stalls, for one year free of charge, in the shopping center he owns.

He added “After one year they are free to stay or go, but at the moment reconstructing the Qaysari Bazaar takes time, so self-employed shopkeepers and  the sole traders can continue working in Tablo Mall. The vulnerable shop owners can start from May 22 to visit the mall administration office to apply in order to get the shops and stalls”

As a part of supporting that historical shopping center in the central Erbil, following the fire incident, the Prime Minister Masrour Barzani’s underscored his support, to compensate the vulnerable and reconstructing the market place.  

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Further details regarding the incident:

The fire incident broke out in the market on May 05, according to Erbil governorate’s latest statistics in the total of four thousands shops, 227 shops and 7 small warehouses have been damaged.

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