Giant monolithic statues unearthed in Easter Island

Giant Moai statues embrace more than only head-portraits on the Easter Island in Chilean territory
Moai statues stand on Easter Island, Chile (Photo: AP)
Moai statues stand on Easter Island, Chile (Photo: AP)

ERBIL (Kurdistan 24) – It is believed Moai statues were built between 1400 and 1650 AD, by people on the Easter Island in Chilean territory. They are monolithic statues made from stone, weigh 12.5 tons, average hight 72 feet, carved with full face, mysterious facial expression, long ears, prominent forehead and nose and with sulky-expression lips.

The digging work is still ongoing in the ground that cover the statues’ torsos, all, but one, face the island, their backs are to the sea. It is thought by some, they are looking over the people in the Easter Island as well as embody the spirits of the distinguished leading ancestors.

The torsos were covered under the ground, but after continuous work; their torsos show plain arms resting down the body.  

An archeological team from the Costin Institute in California University excavated and found patterns -information-like on the statues’ backs. That could indicate the ancestors’ life in that island, the team revealed.  

Lately, there have been several social media campaigns by the younger generations from the Easter Island, demanding the countries who preserve Maio’s statues, to return the stone statues to their country of origin.