Sponsored by Kurdistan 24 broadcast corporation, Duhok launches carnival

The annual festival of the occasion of Duhok becoming a governorate, includes interesting outdoor activities
Duhok Governor Ali Tatar. (Photo: Kurdistan 24)
Duhok Governor Ali Tatar. (Photo: Kurdistan 24)

ERBIL (Kurdistan 24) – The Kurdistan 24 Broadcast is sponsoring Duhok’s carnival that includes interesting outdoor activities from art, sports, cultural to different entertainments.

The Duhok Governor Ali Tatar, on Monday, stated “we work for Duhok and Kurdistan development, Duhok is rich with its multi-cultures, faiths and languages”

Duhok and its people have been through hard times, especially, during the upraising of 1991, also experienced threats and risks, but they were strong against all of it. The Kurdish people are famous for being calm, amicable, tolerating and coexisting” Tatar added.

Duhok city is well-known for its diversity. All the residents and nationals protect that atmosphere. The residents are very proud of their background and their affiliation with the city.

It is 55 years, since Duhok was announced as the governorate in Kurdistan Region. In such annual celebration, a variety of interesting outdoor activities take place: art, cultural and sports.

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