Grizzly bear found dead in highlands

An investigation started in Piranshahr city in Iran (Eastern Kurdistan) followed with an announcement to the public and tourists  
A grizzly bear (Photo: AP)
A grizzly bear (Photo: AP)

ERBIL (Kurdistan24) – The environmental protection agency in the province started an investigation after finding the carcass of a grizzly bear in the Piranshahr highlands on Sunday. According to the sources the bear was found by the tourists in a snow-covered mountain area.

The police investigation followed the posts that were seen in the social network platforms. To identify the location, they depended on the social platforms’ photos and posts, as well as finding the reasons behind grizzly bear death.

According to the manager of the Environmental Protection from Piranshahr, “the bear, perhaps, died because of a snow avalanche, and due to snow melting away the carcass of the bear reappeared,”

A message was addressed to the public and the tourists by the officials “During their visits and walk in the nature, to take care of the natural world of the highlands, to avoid any frightening, terrorizing and hunting wild animals. Especially, grizzly bears and feral goats.

Piranshahr highlands are famous and unique for having grizzly bears and feral goats in the east part of Kurdistan and Iran.