Setting stone of second largest Alwa put by PM Masrour Barzani

The Prime Minister Masrour Barzani is setting the foundation stone for the project of building Alwa (central warehouse for veggies and fruits)  
The design of Alwa (Central Veggies and Fruits Warehouse) in Akre (Photo: Kurdistan 24)
The design of Alwa (Central Veggies and Fruits Warehouse) in Akre (Photo: Kurdistan 24)

ERBIL (Kurdistan24) – The Prime Minister of the Kurdistan Region Masrour Barzani sets the corner stone for the project of building a modern central warehouse for vegetables and fruits in Akre town on Tuesday.

This modern Alwa (main central house) for veggies and fruits, is another plan by the 9th cabinet of the Kurdistan Region Government, to be built in Akre town.

The commercial and Alwa slogan for this project is “we aim to improve the agricultural sector in Kurdistan Region”. It’s been licensed by the General Directorate for Investment in Duhok and will be implemented by the private sector.

According to official sources, it is a new revolution in trade, such warehouse is a staunch opportunity to do marketing for the local and agricultural products. There will be many standard and big stores, chiller and cooling aided stores, grounds and stalls for vegetables and fruits, hay stores as well will get built in in that central warehouse. Products can be stored and kept fresh for longer time.

It will be a grand stage for trading in this historical town.

Also, through retailing and purchasing centers, farmers and agricultural sector traders will be assisted to do business (sales and purchases).

Building a modern and central Alwa in Akre is the second largest central warehouse for veggies and fruits in Kurdistan Region and Iraq. A budget of 22 million US dollars is dedicated for this project, it occupies 245-thousand-meter square land and locates on the main road Duhok-Akre.

In that veggies and fruits central warehouse, the public services are provided, for example health clinic, fire brigade, police station, petrol station, car park and a modern green area.

The building parts of this project are as following:

19 Shops

20 Stores

48 Alwa (warehouses)

35 Sale centers

112 Grain purchase and sale bases

1 Vegetable-ground area

8 Cooler fridges

11 Normal cooling down

2 Large scales

1 Green- ground area

1 Car park

1 Plants and seedling area

1 Car park

1 Fire station

1 Police station

1 Petrol station

1 Restaurant

1 Mosque  

1 Alwa admin office

1 Open ground area