People notice electricity generators are quiet and smokeless

Mayor of Erbil Central District Nabaz Abdulhamid reassured “We have follow-up teams who chase up those generators’ owners would not follow the rules”
Generator machine (Photo: Kurdistan 24)
Generator machine (Photo: Kurdistan 24)

ERBIL (Kurdistan24) – In a follow up report by Kurdistan 24 regarding the quietness and gas emission control of the generator machines on Thursday in Erbil, people can notice the difference in comparison with the previous years.

According to sources, several years ago the local authorities decided to set some rules and restrictions for the generators’ owners to follow while providing the service to the public. Those rules were for people’s health and safety, and for the environment to reduce the gas emission and air pollution.

A resident in Erbil who is called Farhad confirmed he had wanted to sell his property because of the smoke and noise the generator opposite his home was causing, but after the local authority’s decision, he noticed that generator doesn’t make any noise, andit is smokeless. He is no longer in interest to go ahead with selling his house.

He stated “I am happy about the way now the generators are working, it is quiet, doesn’t make any noise, and doesn’t release the poisoning smoke any more. We have noticed that in many squares and avenues in Erbil”

He also added “Years ago, it used to have a loud noise and smoke. To be honest, now there are some avenues still suffer from some electricity generators which cause loud noise and some other machines release smoke”

Also, in an interview with Kurdistan 24, the Mayor of Erbil Central District Nabaz Abdulhamid confirmed the issue reoccurs during summer season. However, there are generators give power to residential areas for more than 15 hours in summer time, and that puts pressure on the machines.

Abdulhamid reassured “We have follow-up teams who chase up those generators’ owners would not follow the rules. There are actions taken against and consequences against who wouldn’t make their machines quiet and smokeless. Also, charges and consequences applied, as a result, the issues have been fixed”

“But there are cases, the problems still exist; the hot weather of summer, giving electricity power for a lengthy period, the owners obliged to leave some store doors open to get air ventilation to their machines” He continued.

In the local authorities’ records, there are more than 1000 electricity generators in Erbil, they have made immense attempt to make those generators environmentally friendly and healthier and safer for the residents.