Kurdistan’s Embrace of Christians Highlighted in Erbil Conference

Arranging a Christian conference in Kurdistan Region to implement the personal status laws in Iraqi Parliament and courts
The Head of Bishops in Chaldean Church. (Photo: Kurdistan 24)
The Head of Bishops in Chaldean Church. (Photo: Kurdistan 24)

ERBIL (Kurdistan 24) – The head of the bishops Bashar Matti Warda from the Chaldean church revealed to Kurdistan 24, more than 1.5 million Christians fled the violence and terror in Iraq, they moved to Kurdistan Region where they live in peace and stability.

A conference arranged for Christians in Erbil, to discuss the Christian personal status law in the Iraqi legislations. It was to help the judges and legal experts issue orders according to the Christian individual rights -by law. The Kurdistan Region President Nechirvan Barzani participated in that conference, to show the support to Christians.

According to the Head of Bishops’ statement “There is a personal status law for Christians in Iraqi Parliament and constitution, it’s been requested to activate and implement this law in the conference”

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 In the past 30 years, the Christian community lessened in the Middle Eastern, more than 1.5 million Christians fled the violence in Iraq, but in Kurdistan Region they are safe and live in security. The coexistence of Christians and Muslims dates back to a very long history, it’s proved the truthfulness of the acceptance.

The head of bishops stated “There is a long history between Kurds and Christians, Christians are flourishing and growing in Erbil, we ask all the parties to invest in the land, and we thank Allah-God for Christians living in peace, flourishing and in prosperous state in Kurdistan Region”

“We have churches, Catholic establishments, schools, universities and hospitals in Kurdistan Region, that means we have a good future in Kurdistan” Warda added.

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The Pope’s visit to Iraq and Erbil in 2021 was a great step showing the support for the Christians and to have preached a sermon in Franso Hariry stadium in Erbil, focused on the security and stability in the Middle East.

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