Best Kurdish farmer, internationally selected  

Added to the list of the World’s Best Farmers, a farmer from Kerapchna, is farming an excellent quality of the crops
Shekh Jamal from Kerapchna, Chamchamal District in Sulaimani (Photo: Kurdistan 24)
Shekh Jamal from Kerapchna, Chamchamal District in Sulaimani (Photo: Kurdistan 24)

ERBIL (Kurdistan24) – Sheikh Jamal from Kerapchna has been recognized and given compliments as being one the best farmers by the Global Network of Lighthouse Farms on Wednesday.

He is farming and growing a variety of crops in his area, according to the sources, his products sell out to Turkish and Iranian companies and retailers.

Kerapchna village locates in Chamchamal District in Sulaimani in the Kurdistan Region. The farmer Shekh Jamal, from Kerapchna, was selected and has been added on to the list of the Best Creative Farmers by the world-widely known organization the Global Network of Lighthouse Farms.

The Kurdish farmers who live in countryside inherited farming profession from their ancient ancestor for many and many thousands of years.

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According to the Global Network of Lighthouse Farms’ report: Shekh Jamal’s products are not only sold locally, but also abroad.

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The Global Network of Lighthouse Farms revealed that Shekh Jamal can grow and farm with high yields and drought resilience seeds.

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Many international academic organizations and establishment began to realize that Kurdistan Region is well-known for having a fertile land and best soil for farming and agriculture among the countries in the middle east. KR exports crops to neighborhood and countries around the world.

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This organization studies and does farming research and the agriculture around the world. After their concentrated research and close supervision, noticed that Shekh Jamal successfully developed best crops’ seeds: a variety of vegetables and wheat.

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