Well-known Kurdish artist, singer fights against illness

Heading abroad for the purpose of the treatment, the celebrity and famous Kurdish singer Parwaz Hussein talks about her health problem.
Kurdish artist and celebrity Parwaz Hussein (Photo: Kurdistan 24)
Kurdish artist and celebrity Parwaz Hussein (Photo: Kurdistan 24)

ERBIL (Kurdistan24) – In a statement to Kurdistan 24, the famous Kurdish artist and singer Parwaz Hussein expressed her distress she received because of the social network and few media channels’ allegations, that happened posting a picture of someone that she is no longer in a life partnership with.

Parwaz stated “There are some published news about me that aren’t true. However, I am in a bad health condition, but I fight against my health problem”

She has decided to stay positive, delete the pessimistic term in her life, and to set a new battle against cancer.

“God almighty tested me with the pain from that illness, I won’t give up, I don’t want to surrender myself to the fate to become weak” Parwaz added

"I thank everyone who cared for me, but I am unhappy and complaining about those online pages, social networks, and media channels that post and combine my photo with other people” She continued.

Parwaz believed some online networks and media are happy to announce a news of her death. She clearly expressed her distressed feeling, and hurt inside with such attitudes from the Kurdish media agencies.

“Why would the Kurdish media become happy with artists’ deaths and fill up the front pages of their papers and magazines with make baseless headlines” she ended her statement